Sunday, January 3, 2010

Out With the In, Old With the New

A new decade, and the pendulum is swinging. After a time of much ingoing learning (having a child and all that goes with it; thinking, and talking, and thinking, and writing, and playing, and writing about improvising; playing with all the wonderful groups that I so enjoy) this new decade opens with a flurry of going out and outgoing. A new website, a new book, a new CD, an ongoing improvisation series, all this stuff that puts me out there, in front of all of you, doing what it is I do. It's exciting and fun, and often feels a bit daring.

I don't what this blog will be exactly. I do know I will speak my own thoughts, in my own voice, just as I do when I am improvising music. And just like playing music, I hope that someone may find it interesting, or amusing, or even illuminating.

Please feel free to engage me in dialogue of any kind. It would be nice to know that my thoughts don't stop at the end of this sentence...


  1. Your thoughts do not stop at the end of the sentence. Your posts are very thought provoking and have me wondering about the role of improvisation in my life... Or more accurately, how conscious I am of improvisation in my life.

    I love how you weave improvisation into the fabric of being, not just when holding an instrument, but in living. Looking forward to reading more posts and reading your book.

    Thank you for your perspective and voice on this topic.

  2. Oh, I also feel that 2010 is a significant year for 'out with the old, in with the new'. It feels like a time of endings, beginnings, and rebirth.

  3. Thanks Darren, that's great to hear!