Monday, January 9, 2012

ImprovLive 365: First 10 episodes

We've had a great launch of ImprovLive 365!  Here's a synopsis of the first 10 episodes of ImprovLive 365 (including a preview of tomorrow's episode "Just Say Yes!") .  You can see them all at

Episode 1: Welcome
In this episode,  creator and host of Improvlive 365  Tom Hall welcomes you to the daily webseries and tells you a little about what you can expect to see over the coming year.

Episode 2: Happy Accidents
The first in a series of interviews with painter, printmaker and public artist Jane Goldman.

Episode 3: Cubicles
Because people aren't content to merely inhabit places. We need to make them ours.

Episode 4: Mexican Christmas
A beautiful improvised duet from Kevin Barry on guitar, and Marty Ballou on bass.

Episode 5: Wildwood Flower
In the first of a series of interviews with bassist Marty Ballou, he talks his earliest musical memories and plays a solo version of Wildwood Flower.

Episode 6: The Secret of Improvisation
Shhhhhh.  It’s a secret!

Episode 7: Spontaneous Communication
An inside look at the magic behind the music of Mike Rivard and Club d'Elf.

Episode 8:  Playing who You Are
Guitarist Kevin Barry’s first ImprovLive 365 interview talks about his relationship to music, and the importance of honesty.

Episode 9:  It’s in There!
ImprovLive 365 visits Ron Ancone, who talks about his experience as Credit Manager, and his journey towards a greater understanding of personal creativity

Episode 10: Just say Yes
A review of Patricia Ryan Madson’s book Improv Wisdom and the importance of saying “Yes”.

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