Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Improvlive 365 is live!

Starting January 1, 2012 I have embarked on a year of exploring, documenting, and sharing the improvisational, spontaneous creativity of life, on my new daily webseries, ImprovLive 365.

For the next few months I expect all of my creative energy will be flowing towards that project, so if you want updates on what I'm thinking about, go to www.improvLive365.com.  I do love to write, so I expect I will be back here eventually, but for now my writing will be focused on the webseries.  

It is a lot of fun already, and even aside from the new skills I am learning (camera and lighting, hosting, interviewing, video construction and editing, etc.) I am thrilled to have an reason to experience the incredible range of  creativity of my fellow humans.  I hope you'll visit us there, and I'll check back in here every so often to let you know what we're up to!

BTW the first three episodes are a Welcome from me, an excerpt from an interview with painter and printmaker Jane Goldman called Happy Accidents  and a look at creativity and cube decorating in Cubicles.  

See you soon, and happy improvising!

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