Sunday, January 15, 2012

ImprovLive 365: Week Two

After a grueling two days switching all our videos to a much more user friendly server, I'm here to give you the scoop on Week Two of ImprovLIve 365.

Episode 8: Playing who You Are
The first of a series of interviews with guitarist Kevin Barry, where he talks about his relationship to music and the importance of honesty.

Episode 9: It’s in There!
ImprovLive 365 visits Ron Ancone, who talks about his experience as Credit Manager, and his journey towards a greater understanding of personal creativity

Episode 10: Just say Yes
A review of Patricia Ryan Madson’s book "Improv Wisdom" and the importance of saying “Yes”.

Episode 11: A New Riff Was Born
ImprovLive 365 presents an impromptu performance by Allan Chase (Alto Saxophone), Bruno Raberg (Bass), and Tom Hall (Baritone Saxophone).

Episode 12: Remembering Prince Shell
Renowned saxophonist and educator Allan Chase reminisces about one of his earliest musical mentors, Prince Shell. The music in the background is an arrangement Allan wrote for Your Neighborhood Saxophone Quartet, based on his transcription of Prince Shell's piano trio version of "I've Got It Bad".

Episode 13: Welcome to ImprovLive 365
Seemed like bad mojo to feature anyone on Friday the 13th, so I made this little welcome video.

Episode 14: Noticing, Experiencing, Responding
The first in a series of interviews with actor, choreographer, director and movement specialist Sarah Hickler, currently on the faculty of Emerson College.

More fun comin' every day! Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see.
Your ImprovLive 365 Host and Director,
Tom Hall

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